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Travel – from amazing trips abroad to gems right here in the UK, I hope I can inspire you to eat in new and exciting places for your next holiday.

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Travel: Stuck At The Grand Canyon

A day trip from Las Vegas lasted well into the night…. ​

This was originally planned as a photographic diary of my trip to the Grand Canyon, an awe inspiring place. So let’s start with that. We were shocked to see snow on the ground as we travelled up Route 66. It had been around 19c all week in Vegas and the booking agent said it was only 4 or 5c cooler in the canyon. Yeah mate thanks for that.

Grand Canyon // GoodEggFoodie

The courtyard at the Grand Canyon visitor centre had quite a lot of snow behind the doors! We should have known then that something would go awry!

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Macdonald Manchester Hotel // GoodEggFoodie
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Staycation: Macdonald Manchester Hotel

​A night away on your doorstep might seem a bit of a waste of time, an indulgence even, but for me it makes total sense; nothing acts like a quick  stress relief fix than flopping down on a hotel bed and breathing deeply. And the bed in question this time is at the Macdonald  Manchester Hotel and Spa. Macdonald Manchester Hotel // GoodEggFoodie

The Macdonald Manchester Hotel is a moments walk away from Piccadilly train station and if you’re coming into Manchester on a mainline this is where you’re likely to arrive.

Looks can be deceiving, and from the outside (I usual see it from platform 14 waiting for a train)  this hotel certainly looks like an architectural brute. But the rooms will soon make you forget that.  Read More

Planning Las Vegas
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Where To Eat In Las Vegas?

In a few short weeks I am off to Las Vegas with my Mum and mate *makes frantic list and checks flights*. It was a bit of an off-the-cuff decision (was never on my radar) and I have been so busy settling into my new job that I haven’t given it much though. But now it is weeks away, I need to get my arse into gear and my head in to Vegas mode…and I need your help!

Normally when I go away with Andrew he does all of the holiday planning (and packing. God, I had better check that he will still pack for me!) because that is his designated job! Now I’m in charge I literally have one plan: get us on the plane and the rest will work out. Eek.

Where to eat in Las Vegas

Eek! *

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River Cottage Experience // GoodEggFoodie
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The River Cottage Experience

Food experiences come in all shapes and sizes and I’m greedy enough to want to try them all. But I’m never happier then when I can get back to the real nuts and bolts of food and talk to the people who are farming it, growing it or cooking it. So a recent road trip down to River Cottage with some friends was a dream come true.

River Cottage Experience // GoodEggFoodie

You couldn’t knock the smile off my face!

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