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Butternut squash soup with tomato and sweetcorn // GoodEggFoodie
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Butternut squash soup with tomato and sweet corn

Sunshine in a bowl!

When I was in Las Vegas we had a great meal downtown in a very cool Mexican place, La Comida. I ordered  camaron del golfo which were delicious shrimp and chorizo on a bed of butternut squash, tomato and corn. 

It was the vegetables which I loved the most, and not just because I was at the end of a week without much fruit or veg in my diet! They were lightly roasted and gently seasoned so the sweetness still shone through. When I came home, I wanted to recreate this, but I also realised that it would make some awesome soup. Read More

GoodLife Foods // GoodEggFoodie
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Easy Veggie Lunch Ideas with Goodlife Food

While having no intention of becoming vegetarians, we are always looking at ways to cut down our meat consumption and get more veg into our diets. So we try and limit red meat  and have reduce the amount of processed meat; although I must admit that you will never wean me off bacon!  So when these Goodlife Food vegetarian goodies were offered to me to try, I couldn’t resist. Goodlife Food // GoodEggFoodie Read More

Lemon raisin flapjacks //goodeggfoodie
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Lemon Raisin Flapjacks

Sometimes a successful recipe comes about by complete accident. These lemon and raisin flapjacks were the result of a hungry Sunday baking sesh, when I knew what I wanted (which actually was just to bake) but I didn’t have anything specific in mind. So I rooted though the cupboards and decided it was a good chance to use up some left overs. Lemon raisin flapjacks //goodeggfoodie Read More