Hi thanks for dropping by. I’m Claire; a  comms professional by day, and full time food obsessive!

GoodEggFoodieI love cooking and baking. I am married to a man who appreciates even my worse cake wrecks and  I’m an organiser of the Wigan and Bolton Clandestine Cake Club. I adore brownies and look forward to adding more and more brownie recipes here on the blog.

GoodEggFoodie is mainly a food blog- although my holiday and travel adventures also crop up.  As well as my own kitchen adventures, there is loads of great food being made and grown in the North West and across the country which should be celebrated. There are also great restaurants, bars and cafes to shout about, cocktails to be shaken, holidays to be taken veg to be planted and there is often a cake to get out of the oven!

Good food made by good people is my obsession- my waistline bears testament to all of the above!

The blog is my chance to share what I am cooking, eating, drinking, growing and buying.

I am terrible at taking photos but working on it! Share your tips please!

I am also a proud momma to two cats- Fred and Ginger. If you want to know how crazy I am about them, just check out my Instagram – they are always popping up on there!

Oh and I love The Archers- there is always a warm welcome and a scone for lovers of this radio institution popping by.  Turns out this is quite cool now – who knew!

Get involved: comment on the blog or on my Twitter account, or say hi over at Instagram.

I am always happy to consider linking up for recipes,  reviews, competitions etc so long as it fits with my ethos, but my reviews are always an honest opinion.

All review products are clearly marked as such and paid posts will be highlighted as being sponsored/collaborations with no-follow links. 

In blog, as in life, I go by the saying that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.  I write for fun and I’m not interested in bad mouthing companies, products or restaurants- life’s too short. I only want to share the good stuff!

If you want to email, it is info@goodeggfoodie.com.

Thanks for visiting and I hope that you enjoy your time here!

Claire aka GoodEggFoodie x



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