Foodies Festival 2014, Tatton Park, Cheshire

What a lovely day! I took the day off work today and headed over to Tatton Park with mum to check out this year’s Foodies Festival.

It was hot and humid, but all of the traders were in high spirits and there was a good variety of things to see and do.

For me, it’s about getting delicious treats for home. There was a good mix of food and drink – some regional,  some national brands. Walkers Crisps are there doing a massive promo for their new ‘deli’ range of posh crisps, so we headed for the shade of their stand and joined in a tasting session! Bit random, but fun.

Foodies Festival // Tatton Park

Mum was a hero and tried every single chutney Mr Vikkis had to offer before making her purchases. I reckon I might be Mr Vikkis number one fan and between us we bought six different varieties! I was disappointed there was no bakery- unless I somehow missed it. I had been planning on stocking up for tomorrow’s BBQ.

Foodies Festival // Tatton Park

The most amazing horse box ever!

I am particularly excited about my new gin – Harrington Dry Gin. Going to be doing a taste test against Sipsmiths tonight! Mum sampled the gin, plus some wine and beer, on my behalf as I was driving!

If you like demos, there is a chef stage, a chocolate and cake stage, a drinks demo tent and even a childen’s theatre.

Foodies Festival // Tatton Park

The hot food traders were quite varied. I initially headed for the Gaucho BBQ but there were no prices and when I enquired about a steak barmcake (bap for those of you down south!) they were £10. Ok, it was ribeye, but when you get it on a shop-bought small roll it didn’t make any sense price wise.

Foodies Festival // Tatton Park

We made a good choice by going for Thai. A portion of spiced ribs and another of shitake spring rolls were cooked to order and just £4 each. Chang beer have a stall too so they would marry up nicely!

Foodies Festival // Tatton Park

My haul!

It was a great day, and if you fancy going this weekend, book online before you go- they are offering 241 tickets if you use the code facebook241! I suspect it will be heaving tomorrow and Sunday with this weather we are having – enjoy!



Disclaimer- my tickets were provided by Foodies Festival, but the good times and over spending were all my own work.


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Office Treats: Meeting Monday Head On!

When I announced to the office a couple of weeks ago that I would no longer be baking for them, sad faces abound. My initial thinking was, if I have high cholesterol I can’t be baking for the office and having all these treats around me.

But I’ve changed my mind. Self control is my problem, not theirs.

I was off this last week, and it was a pretty cruddy week in the office by all accounts so I thought I would return with a smile on my face and a bundle of sweet treats to cheer them all up.

Plus, I’ve been itching to get stuck into my Spice Drops which I bought after reviewing one their products (see it here). We’ve been using them in savoury cooking but it was time to put them to their ultimate test!

So here’s what they can look forward to tomorrow.

Nutty Brownies

Nut brownies


It was going to be Uncle Joe’s brownies but no mintballs in the local supermarket. These are great though. Only one problem- I got this new brownie tin, buttered the insert, but they rose over the top of it and stuck! So the middle row fell apart and several lost thir lovely crunchy tops. Still taste great though.

Recipe here. I subbed a splash of milk for the espresso today.


Oaty, Fruity Cookies

Oaty fruity cookies

This is a Hummingbird recipe which I mess with. This time I have soaked the fruit in a solution of water and tea masala spice drops to give them a spicy hint (I used one drop in approx 200 ml water). I also use mixed fruit rather than just raisins as the recipe suggests. Oh and up the spice. So I use 1tsp ginger and 1 tsp cinnamon. I’ve also used all spice in the past. it’s all good.

Most significantly, the recipe asks for 270g butter. Whoa there! So I subbed 1/3 of the butter with 0% Greet yoghurt, and you know what? I think these are the best yet! They are lighter than usual and needed two more minutes in the oven but I think they are are superior – we’ll wait for the results tomorrow!

Find the recipe in the Hummingbird Bakery Cook Book.


Chocolate Ginger Biscuits

Ginger Choc Chip Biscuits

I’ve tinkered with a recipe from my home boy John Whaite’s first cook book. I needed more ginger, so have added more stem ginger, 2 tsp of ginger syrup and some ginger Spice Drops. I also added a few more choc chunks. And again, slightly less sugar.

These spread thin so are definitely biccies rather than cookies. I admit, I will be keeping some of these back for home consumption – just one a day mind!

So there we go. Monday doesn’t have to be miserable! I’d love to hear if you are baking for your colleagues this week too!


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The International Cheese Awards: Preview and Ticket Giveaway

I ruddy love cheese I do; good mature Cheddar, the gooiest baked brie, crumbly feta, and damn it even a plastic cheese slice on white toast when I have a hangover!

The International Cheese Awards are a pretty big deal in the dairy world. A win can give a much needed boost to a lesser known producer or add value to an already well-known product. 4,443 cheeses are entered this year- 4443!  Last year saw  Claxstone Smooth Blue produced by Long Clawson Dairy crowned Supreme Champion. A British cheese the best in the world- suck it France!

International Cheese Awards

The last time I went I was like a pig in muck and am equally looking forward to it this time. You walk into a giant marquee and it is full of cheese!  Although, due to my current health problem, I won’t be able to try them all it’s ok, I am taking my other half so we can split them!

And where is this magic Narnia I hear you ask? Well Nantwich of course! Trade day, when the judging takes place, is Tuesday 29th July, but it is open to the public on Wednesday 30th with cheese galore and chef demos including James Martin. Not only that, but it makes up part of the Nantwich Show so you can go, buy your body weight in cheese (after extensive sampling) and then check out the show pigeons- seriously, check out those pigeons, they are crazy-cute with their bouffant hair!

International Cheese Awards



Lesley Doodnath, an email is winging it’s way to you…. 

If being surrounded by 4,443 cheese is your idea of fun, you can buy tickets on the show website or you can enter my super easy give away. I’ve got a family ticket (two adults, two kids) to give away for Wednesday 30th July.

To enter

Either, complete the form below or follow me on Twitter & send me a Tweet: @GoodEggFoodie I say cheese to winning tickets for @icheeseaward!

Entries close 5pm Sunday 20th July. One winner will be picked at random and only the winner will be contacted.

International Cheese Awards

All images courtesy ICA.

Disclosure: The ICA have provided the family prize ticket as well as my own ticket for this year’s ICA. What they don’t provide however, is a cure for the cheese hangover. Scientists are still working on that!

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